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  • BFT Automatic Parking Barrier: GIOTTO BT A 30/60

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    GIOTTO BT A 60 U Automatic Parking Barrier BD

    A range of entry level barriers for semi-intensive usage, suitable for clear drive through gaps of up to 6m. Equipped with 24v DC motors, they have a wide range of accessories making them suitable for many applications and environments.

    The programming of the MERAK BG control panel allows quick and precise installations. The control panel can be programmed with just a few options on the display, saving time and providing great results.

    The control panel is located at the top of the cabinet and is protected by a solid aluminium housing that allows an easier connection. Programming and maintenance operations can be performed easily and conveniently. The barrier is U-Link compatible which allows the integration of Parking Management or Building Management systems.

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  • BFT Automatic Parking Barrier: MAXIMA ULTRA 36

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    BFT High Speed Parking Barrier: MAXIMA ULTRA 36 Solution For Toll Management

    High Class Range Products for of 230V professional electro-mechanical barriers with inverter and asynchronous three-phase motor for frequent use. Possibility of managing 2 to 6 metre passages with fully accessorized rod in a single model. Cap with RGB lights (optional) to serve as traffic light, indicate availability of parking places and for self-diagnosis.

    Professional Barrier for Toll Management and Road Barrier Solution.

    ATTENTION: To benefit from the official warranty on Bft products purchased online, you must check that the retailer is approved by Bft.

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  • BFT Automatic Professional Parking Barrier: MOOVI 30

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    MOOVI 30 Automatic Boom Barrier BD

    Automatic barriers for driveways of up to 6 metres.Range of barriers for very intensive use, for clear openings up to 6 m.  The wide range of accessories available makes them ideal in any context.

    Plus.Control unit with programming display and built-in dual channel radio receiver. They enable useful passages up to 6 m to be covered thanks to the new round boom Also available in Moovi 30S rapid version with opening speed of 1.5s (plus slowing) and intensive use.

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