BFT Automatic Sliding Door – Vista TL Telescopic

Vista TL Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Project Solution BD

The Vista TL is a telescopic automatic sliding door operator for pedestrian doors. The Vista TL has been developed for sliding doors fitted in entrances with very limited space. The operator is suitable for a maximum leaf weight of 120 kg and has a minimum opening width of 800 mm and a maximum of 4400 mm. The control unit has a programming display and auto set system for movement and torque parameters. The system is available pre-assembled to size or in an assembly kit.

  • Incorporated dual-channel radio receiver
  • Electric locking with the holding of doors at each stop position



BFT Automatic Sliding Door – Vista TL Telescopic Sliding Door

VISTA TL Italian Brand High Quality Sensor Sliding Door  Solution. Get Professional Telescopic Sliding Door Automation Solution from  BFT Distributor in Bangladesh for your Industries, Home, Building Project. Get BFT Automatic Sliding Door . For High Quality Project Only On LC Based Order Processing Including Local Technical Support


Vista TL Telescopic Sliding Door Specification.

Vista TL2 Vista TL4
 Motor power supply 24v 24v
 Operation cycle Continuous Continuous
 Average power consumption 230w 230w
 Min. opening width 80cm 160cm
 Max. opening width 330cm 440cm
 Max. leaf weight 120kg 80kg
 Max movement speed 100cm/sec 200cm/sec
 Bar dimensions 224 x 186mm 224 x 186mm
 Partial opening 10-70% open width 10-70% open width
 Anti-crushing encoder and microprocessor encoder and microprocessor
 Operating temperature 0°C/ 50°C 0°C/ 50°C


Italian Sliding Automatic Door Solution in Bangladesh  – Vista TL Telescopic Sliding Door High Quality Project Solution Only..

BFT Automatic Sliding Door – BFT Automatic Sliding Door – Vista TL  Professional Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door Solution Bangladesh