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Parking Gate / Parking Barrier System

Parking Barrier System is a Car Parking Control System, Use To Control Vehicle With Boom Arm Base Barrier To Control the Car Parking . Its Good For Your Parking Area to Manage Authorized Car To Park to Your Parking Space. Now in Bangladesh Its a Good Choice To Use this Parking Barrier System in Cities Like Dhaka, Chittagong to Specially in Market, Homes, Governments Office, Hotels and Building to Control Parking at Own Parking Space. For More Detail Please Discuss our Engineer for Your Requirements.

Name: Boom Barrier
Type: Full Auto/ Manual Control
Band: Micro-B
Model: Micro-604 Boom


Vehicle Parking Barrier is used to Control Access To Parking Area with Boom Arms Base Barrier System To Control the Car Parking in Parking Premises.

Parking Barrier Basic Specifications :

(1) Power: 220V AC, 50/60Hz.
(2) Power: 150Watt.
(3) basic safety: meeting the requirements vehicle Safety.
(4) Micro Controller Base Controllers with High Performance Motors, Sensors to Ensure the Perfect Operation.
(5) Operation Procedure
(6) Working Environment: -10 degree-+45 degree
(7) Channel Size: 3~6 Meter Depending on Requirements..

Vehicle Barrier /Boom Barrier Solution Feature :

  1. Highly compact in size have extremely silent operation with Heavy Duty Of Operation.
  2. Integration possible with wide range of accessories and all kinds of Vehicle Reader , Vehicle Parking Controller, Vehicle Access control systems
  3. Extremely reliable and maintenance at performance
  4. Manual release in case of power failure
  5. Battery back up facility