KC PIR-01 – PIR Motion Sensor For Alarm System

৳ 1,500.00

KC-PIR-01  – PIR Motion Sensor for Anti Theft Alarm System BD

Wires Sensor, 2 Wired Connection, DC 9~12Volt Power, Easy Mount,
Connection Type: NC, Anti Tampered
90 Degree, 40 Feet X 40 Feet Open Area Coverage, 8~10 Meter Motion Detection Zone.
Up to 500 ~800 Meter Wired Distance on Good Cooper Cables or Cat6 Category Cables.



Wired PIR Motion Sensor For Security Alarm System – KC-PIR-01

Wired PIR-01 Details Description:

  • KING PIGEON Wired PIR Mition Sensor passive Infrared Wired PIR Motion Detector Input Device can work with GSM Alarm PIR-01
    The wired PIR Motion Sensor is an INPUT DEVICE, the motion sensor works on the principle of sensing infrared energy (heat)
    emitting from an intruder”s body moving through a protected area. The MOTION SENSOR is commonly referred to as a PIR, Which stands for passive Infrared. The sensor usually covers a 40″ x 40″ open area at a 90 degree angle.


PIR-01 Specifications:

Working Voltage: 9-12VDC;
Working Current (mA): 30-120
Static Current(uA): 25
Detect Range: Vertical angle 60degree, Horizontal angle 110 degree, 8~10m;
Installation Method: Wall-mounted;
Installation Height: 1.8~2.5m (max.);
Size: (HxWxD) 104x60x32mm.

ApplicationsFor indoor use. Corridor, Office, Room, Museum, Library, Finance Room, Warehouse, etc.

Warranty : 1 Years