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mcd-300 Archway Gate, Metal Detector Scanner in Bangladesh
mcd-300 Archway Gate, Metal Detector Scanner in Bangladeshwalk_through_metal_detector

MCD 300 | Archway Gate | Archway Metal Detector Scanner

 Archway Gate MCD-300 |  One Of The Best Archway metal detector in Bangladesh

Model: MCD-300Brand: MCD, Country of Origin: UK, Made in China

 6 Scanning or Detecting Point Zones
 Scanning Sensitivity 0-255 Steps Adjustable
Alarm & LED Display Alarm
 People Counting
 Signal Anti-Interference Function
 Easy Assembly
 Harmless For the Body
 Program Self-Checking

MCD 300 Archway Gate,  Archway Metal Detector Scanner , 6 Zone, Archway gate mcd-300,outdoor  Walk through metal detector price in bangladesh at Best price, , Archway gate in Bangladesh


Product Description

MCD 300 | Archway Gate MCD-300 | Best Archway Metal Detector Scanner
Detail Information with Technical Detail

MCD 300 Scanner – Applications:

MCD 300 Archway Gate is Used Mostly in Hotels, Banks, Embassies, Entertainment Environments, Government buildings, Gymnasiums, Exhibition Centers for luxurious appearance, Market, Building, Office. If You Want Buy a Walk Through – Metal Detector Machine at Good Price in Bangladesh, Get A Walk through Metal Detectors Systems Archway Gate From MTBD Import, Wholesale, Installation, Service, Provider as well as a Long Term partner for You.

MCD 300 – Technical Specification:

Standard : GB 15210-2003 “Through-type metal detector door general technical conditions
Detection Procedures : 100 sensitivity adjustments may be required on different occasions to meet separately
Basic Safety : Meeting the requirements of GB4793
Personal Safety : Satisfied NILECJ-0601
Through Rate : More than 60 persons / per minute
Electric Current : 220V AC, 50/60Hz
Power : 35Watt
Working Environment : -10° ~ +45°
Overall Dimension : 2220 mm (height) x 820 mm (width) x 500 mm (depth)
Channel Size : 2000 mm (height) x 700 mm (width) x 500 mm (depth)
Machine weight : about 80kg

MCD-300 Archway / Metal Detector / Scanner – Features:

 6 Pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe;
 LED Display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs;
 Adjustable sensitivity: Each detecting area has 100 sensitivity level may require
adjustment in accordance with the appropriate detection Sensitivity;
 Has the DSP digital signal processing filter systems, have excellent anti Electromagnetic interference capability and strong resistance touch and collision
capacity, many people crowded in the case of normal operation;
 Multiple Operating Frequencies: Eight user selectable operating frequencies;
 Password-protected settings: a password-protected function, only to enter the
correct password to modify parameters, Non-operators cannot change the security
door parameter setting, easy to manage;
 Functions of statistic counting: The intelligent counter can calculate the number of
the passenger flow and the times of alarming;
 Adjustable operating frequencies eliminate the potential effects from X-ray units,
radios and other electrical interference sources;
 Harmless to pregnant women, heart pacemaker, magnetic floppy, recording tapes,
 The door is shock-proof, fire-proof and moisture -proof;
 Two or more gates can work simultaneously (Min distance: 40cm);
 Two LED light bars on both door panels: Gives alarm corresponding to the height or
human body. With Remote controller;
 Superior Versatility: Settings designed for government agencies, public security
organs, prosecution, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, stations,
stadiums, exhibition venues, entertainment lieu, large gathering places, etc., as well
as hardware, electronics, jewelry, military, small factories or businesses.
 CE, FCC approve

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MCD 300 Archway GateArchway Metal Detector Scanner , 6 Zone, Archway gate mcd-300,outdoor  Walk through metal detector price in bangladesh at Best price, , Archway gate in Bangladesh,