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Building automation sensors and controllers revolutionize the way buildings operate by optimizing energy usage, enhancing comfort, and improving overall efficiency.

From temperature and humidity sensors to occupancy and motion detectors, these sensors gather data to intelligently control heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and other systems.

Controllers, on the other hand, act as the brain of the building automation system, interpreting data from sensors and executing commands to adjust settings based on predetermined parameters or real-time conditions.

They enable centralized control and automation, allowing building managers to monitor and manage various systems remotely. Together, building automation sensors and controllers create a smart

ecosystem that maximizes energy savings, reduces operational costs, and creates a more comfortable and productive environment for occupants.

building automation system sensors and controllers

DRM-01 Microwave motion detector

DRM-01 Microwave motion detector is high quality motion sensor for building, industry and home automation quality sensors needs

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