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Gate door automation refers to the process of automating the operation of gates, typically used for entryways to properties, parking areas, or buildings. This automation involves the installation of mechanical and electronic components that allow the gate to open and close automatically without the need for manual intervention.

Key components of gate door automation systems may include:

Gate Opener: This is the main mechanism responsible for opening and closing the gate. It can be operated by various means, such as motors, hydraulic systems, or electromechanical actuators.

Control Panel: The control panel houses the electronic circuitry and control mechanisms that manage the operation of the gate opener. It may include features such as timers, sensors, and remote control capabilities.

Sensors: Sensors are used to detect the presence of vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles in the vicinity of the gate. They ensure safe operation by preventing the gate from closing on objects or people.

Access Control Devices: These devices, such as keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners, control who is allowed to enter or exit through the gate. They are often integrated with the automation system to authorize access.

Safety Features: Gate door automation systems include safety features such as safety edges, photocells, and warning lights to prevent accidents and injuries.

Remote Control: Many gate automation systems can be operated remotely using handheld transmitters or smartphone apps, allowing users to open or close the gate from a distance.

Gate door automation offers several benefits, including improved security, convenience, and efficiency. It provides controlled access to properties, enhances the curb appeal of buildings, and reduces the need for manual gate operation. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, gate door automation systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements and preferences of property owners.

Elevate your property's security and convenience with our comprehensive range of Gate Door Automation Products. From automatic sensor sliding doors to hermetic shield swing doors, lab doors, and swing doors, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our products feature state-of-the-art technology, including radar sensors, foot sensors, beam sensors, RFID, and biometric authentication, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced security.

Experience hassle-free access control with our gate automation systems, which integrate vehicle stickers, loop coil triggers, and infrared beam detectors. Whether you require sliding gate motor operators or swing gate operators, we have you covered. Our solutions are designed to optimize efficiency, improve safety, and provide unparalleled convenience for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Upgrade to our Gate Door Automation Products today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with advanced security and effortless access control.

Dorma ES 200 Automatic Door

(Automatic sliding door opener kit set) Dorma ES 200 compatible Dunkermotoren GR 63×55 30V motor Full series universal parts & hardware Easy installation & less maintenance

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VZ-125A Sliding Door Operator

VZ-125 automatic sliding door system is specially designed for light-load automatic glass doors best for office ,shop at very cost effective price for Bangladesh.

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VZ-195 Automatic Door Operator

VZ-195 is a high-capacity and heavy-duty automatic sensor sliding door operator designed for intense movement areas such as metro stations, markets, malls, and large shopping complexes

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BFT VISTA SLA 200 Automatic Sliding Door from Italy in BD

VISTA SL A200 SMART is the robust and highly reliable automation for heavyweight gates weighing up to 200 kg, to be combined with oversize profiles that offer complete stability of the gate. VISTA SL A200 SMART is available in the automation kit version (MODULE KIT) to be used with the set of profiles and the belt and in the ASSEMBLED AUTOMATION version, to be ordered in the required size.

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DEIMOS ULTRA BT A600 Automatic Sliding Gate Motor

DEIMOS ULTRA BT A600 Automatic Sliding Gate Motor. Operator 24 V for sliding gates up to 600 kg in weight. Leaf speed 12 m/min from BFT Automation Italy

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BFT ARES ULTRA BT A 1000 Sliding Gate Automation Motor

BFT ARES ULTRA BT A 1000 Sliding Gate Automation Motor Operator 24 V for sliding gates up to 1000 kg in weight. Leaf speed 9 m/min.

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Autogate Motor ARES ULTRA BT A1/A 1500KG BFT Italy

Auto gate Motor ARES ULTRA BT A1/A 1500 Sliding Gate Automation Motor Operator 24 V for sliding gates up to 1500 kg in weight. Leaf speed 9 m/min.

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BFT ICARO SMART AC A2000 Sliding Gate Motor

BFT ICARO SMART AC A2000 Sliding Gate Motor in Bangladesh

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