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  • ZKTeco SC105 Color TFT & Graphical UI RFID Access Control Terminal


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    EM Lock | Electric Cabinet Bolt Lock | Electromagnetic Lock

    Cabinet Lock  :

    Model: VI-802 – (Cabinet Lock, Show Case Lock, Vault Security Lock)
    Model: VI-820
    Lock Dimension: 55L  X 40W X 30H (mm)
    PIN Length: 10L X 10W X 10H (mm)
    EM Lock Holding Strength : 100+KG
    Lock Structure : Stainless Steel
    Input Voltage: 12V DC 10%+-
    Working Current: 100mA
    Temperature: 40 ~50C
    Type Applicable: File Cabinet, Display Box, Showcase, Security Vault, With RFID Card, Finger Print/ Bio Metric Device.
    Sensor Signal Output:  Depends on Model Base.
    Security Type: Lock When No Power / Power Off Mode Lock Or Unlock When Power Of Customized.
    Lock Weight:

    Best Bolt Lock Solution for Cabinet, File Cabinet, Security Vault, Show Case Lock Security Automation, Can be Combined with Manual Locking System, Good For Enhance Digital Security System , Secure File Cabinet, Show Case, Etc.

    Known As:  Electromagnetic Cabinet Locking Solution, Cabinet EM Lock, File Cabinet EM Lock, Security Lock, Box Cabinet Lock, Security Locking System, Cabinet Lock, in Bangladesh

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  • ZKTeco SC103 Graphical UI RFID Access Control Terminal


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