BFT Automation

MicrotechBD System is BFT Automation Distributor in Bangladesh.
BFT Automation Italy Residential & Industrial Products range. Bft is a global leader in Access Automation, known for our Be Ahead philosophy. Please tell us which country you are joining us from; we can then deliver the right information to you. Geographic area.
dvanced solutions, with unique and exclusive features. But also simple, accessible, and close to people. New-generation technologies designed to improve the lives of all: installers and those who use them. This is us today: a company focused on the needs of the present, with an eye to the future.

A professional and understanding company, able to take its partners by the arm and, thanks to a full access specialist approach, make them proceed at a dynamic pace, allowing them to always be in the forefront.

A full access specialist approach that offers important professional tools for installers and greater control for consumers.

In step with the times, close to people: our cutting-edge technology has a human beating heart.

Only in this way can the most advanced performances stand side by side with simplicity, offering an irreplaceable wealth: personal empowerment.

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