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  • Automatic Sliding Gates DEIMOS ULTRA BT A600


    DEIMOS ULTRA BT A600 Automatic Sliding Gate System

    24 Volt Motor For Residential Electric Sliding Gates

    The Deimos Ultra is one of BFT’s most popular sliding gate hardware operators designed exclusively for use with residential automatic sliding gates. With a capacity capable of managing leaf loads of up to 600kg, it’s the perfect choice for small and large systems alike. The unit is also powered by a 24v motor which can reach a speed of 12m/minute whilst also limiting close impact with BFT’s innovative D-Track torque processing technology. The Deimos Ultra is the perfect solution for your home as it is simple to install, U-Link compatible and built to function through intensive use.

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  • BFT Automatic Sliding Gate – Ares Ultra BT A1500


    Ares Ultra BT A1500 Gate Opener 24v Residential Gate Systems Operator in Bangladesh

    The Ares Ultra BT A1500 is a hard-wearing and extremely capable sliding gate operator suited to residential or commercial environments. The unit is capable of automating sliding gate leaves with a  weight of up to 1500kg making it perfect for both small, medium and large scale points of entry. The operator  has a  a 9m/pm opening and closing time.

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  • BFT Automatic Sliding Gate – DEIMOS BT A Series


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  • BFT Automatic Sliding Gate – DEIMOS BT Ultra Series


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  • BFT Automatic Sliding Gate – ICARO SMART AC A – Kit 2000kg (230v)


    BFT Automatic Sliding Gate – ICARO SMART AC A 2000KG Professional Automatic Industrial Gate Operator Solution BD

    The Icaro Smart is a 230v sliding gate operator designed for very intensive usage. It is suitable for gates weighing up to 2000kg. The gear unit is in an oil bath which allows high performance. It comes equipped with built-in obstacle detection through the D-Track torque management system and has an encoder for more precise movement. The Icaro Smart has an electromechanical spring limit switch. The control panel is U-link compatible.


    • 1x  Icaro sliding gate motor
    • C/W Internal control panel
    • 2x Radio transmitters
    • 1x Pair of safety photocells
    • 1x Radio antenna
    • 4x 1m pieces of rack (of your choice)


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  • BFT Automatic Sliding Gate – SP3500 TRI 230


    BFT Industrial Automatic Sliding Gate – SP3500 Solution BD

    Motors for large and heavy sliding gates – Power supply 230V or 400V three-phase

    The heavy structure of the gear motor, the painted galvanised steel casing and the on-board control unit make it the ideal solution for all industrial situations where reliability and power are essential.
    Powerful, robust operators with 400V three-phase power supply designed specifically for large, heavy gates.

    Travel limits can be adjusted simply with the lever arm electromechanical limit switch system, giving absolute precision in stopping.

    The powerful electric brake allows to block the leaf after the closing operations, guaranteeing a perfect closure even in sloped installations.

    A single communication platform for all types of control units and receivers. The innovative interconnectivity systems developed by Bft along with wireless connection solutions in the field of access point automation become integrated through the new U-link system communication protocol. A technology designed and developed to operate using specific gateways for any type of physical media and communication protocol. To fully facilitate installers in creating the system and in maintenance, Bft can offer solutions based on Bluetooth transmission systems in local and TCP/IP environments for remote connection. U-Link ensures an absolutely stable standard, correct communication, as well as secure data protection thanks to two levels of encryption, offered by the data encryption system and password of the protocol and by the underlying communication system.


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