TG2-029 Ultrasonic Sensor price in bd

TG2-029 Ultrasonic Sensor

TG2-029 parking space guidance Separated Ultrasonic Sensor (Round Shape) Suitable for Celling mound and duct mound parking with separate light indicator red and green

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TG2-029 Separated Ultrasonic Sensor used to detect parking occupancy for parking space management solution to provide precision parking guidance systems. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this sensor ensures accurate vehicle detection and update to connected controller  optimizing parking space utilization with software based parking guidance ease. Its separated design allows for flexible installation of sensors and light , catering to diverse parking environments. 

TG2-029 features a separate design for the detector and indicator light, enhancing the accuracy of the detection process. The detector should be positioned approximately 1-3.5 meters directly above the center of the parking space, while the indicator light should be placed close to the lane. When combined with controller and LED displays, it provides real-time updates on the number of available parking spaces within the parking facility.

  • Model
  • Work Voltage
    DC 12V/24V
  • Installation
    Installed above 2.2~2.8m, in front 2.2-2.8m
  • Working Humidity
    30% ~ 90%
  • Operating Temperature
    -20°C ~ 50°C
  • Control Interface
  • Shape
  • Sensor Mound
    Duct Mount , Mounting Rod

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