PGS-300 Parking Space Guidance Controller price in bd

PGS-300 Parking Space Guidance Controller

PGS-300/PGS-320 Parking Space Management and Guidance Controller can connect up to 160 ultrasonic sensors per zone to accurately assess parking space availability

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Parking guidance system (PGS-300 Parking Space Guidance Controller)

Products included: Guidance display screen(PGD), Parking Lot Detector(PLD), Parking Lot Indicator(PLI), Control Modules(GMC: guidance master control, SCM: section control modules, RCM: region control modules) and software.

How it works:
First Space Sensors constantly detects the presence of a vehicle using Ultrasonic wave, if any vehicle is parking on the space, PLD will send command to PLI (indicator), and the Indicator will change into RED, otherwise the Indicator will turn on GREEN, meanwhile the PLD will immediately transmit its status to RCM that collect and forward the information to SCM, which will process those data and send toGMC, at last GMC send relevant command to RCM or PGD panel.

1. Guidance display screen
1.1. Vertical Parking Guidance Display Screen
Main entry Screen placed at the entry of parking lot, access PAS parking lot management system, by the software associated settings,shows the number of parking spaces of the whole parking lot for guiding driver parking.
1.2. Hoist Parking Guidance Display Screen
It placed at the intersections of parking lot channel, by receiving the output information of server, display available lots' number, direction with digit, arrow and text to guide driver find available lots distributed by system. So it can ensure paring lot unblocked and make full use of parking lot.

2. Parking Lot Detector
Parking Lot Detector using ultrasonic wave detecting working principle to detect whether the parking space is occupied or not, and using LED indicator to distinguish its status, which can guide the driver to find space quickly and improve parking management.

Using ultrasonic wave detection method, not easy disturbed by environment, contactless with vehicle, protect the environment.
Detecting range can be flexible for convenient construction of different garage layer, adapted to different vehicle height and with high accuracy.
Using industrial communication interface standard RS485, which has advantage in stability and convenient for construction.
Anti-Lightning impact.

3. Parking Lot Indicator
Parking lot status indicators are related products of ultrasonic detector, play a part in guiding driver to find parking lot available. Four status (flashing, red light, green light and blue light) show different parking lot status according to the parking lot status detector.

4. Control Module:
4.1. Guidance Master Controller PGS-300/PGS-320
GMC-300 Guidance Master Controller is the core of system operation and management for PGIS.
Which sends the relevant parking information to the guide board/ LED display after analyzed the whole parking information. Finally guide the parkers to one available lot. Meanwhile, those data will be sent to PGIS software and stored in its database.

4.2. Section Control Module PGS-300/PGS-320
Section control module is the second level bus control unit of PGIS, which place an important role in ensuring system safe, reliable and efficient.
Uplink Section Control Module (SCM) to Master Controller, and downlink to Region Control module.
Section controller can realize the management of Region Controller group, and optimize it s network to finalize protocol conversion between Master Controller and Region Controller.
Section controller can solve the problem caused by long distance transition data, such as communication unreliable, network parking detector expansion and grouping etc.

PGS-300/PGS-320 Parking Space Guidance Controller can connect up to 160 ultrasonic sensors to accurately assess parking space availability in a parking lot. The system compiles and transmits real-time vacant parking space information for each zone through TCP/IP connections and displays the data on LED screens. This facilitates a swift and efficient way for vehicle owners to locate unoccupied parking spaces.

Working voltage DC24V

Working current 0.1A

Working temperature -30 ~70

Communication RS485,TCPIP

Supports devices connection

5CHs. Every channel up to 31pcs sensors (suggest to connect 16pcs). Total 160pcs sensors max.

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