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TED-7011 Parking Display

TED-7011 Parking Guide System Outdoor LED Display Screen

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Parking Guide System outdoor LED Display Screen .Introducing the TED-7011 Outdoor LED Display Screen, your solution for efficient parking guidance. With its sleek design and clear visibility, this single-sided display effortlessly guides drivers to available spaces, reducing congestion and enhancing traffic flow. Trust TED-7011 to optimize parking management with its reliable performance and user-friendly interface.

Key Feature:

1. Function Description:
TED-7011 is four inches digital display receiving data in data communications, RS485 communication, setting address through changing DIP, the agreement is the TENET screen agreement.

2. Connection:
J3 to the DC power supply, 5V j4 for connecting RS485 data communications, S1 is to set the set the address, the fourth one is the lowest can set 16 pieces of address, the initial address is 0x31, address values= 0x31 +DIP value.

3. If it is more, to keep one of the screen of the resistance is 120 euro, the other match of the resistance of 120 euro the undesirables;

4. Protocol:
The protocol of four inches Nixie tube:
1.00H is the leading flag of the data stream;
2. Screen number is the display address, ( the address should be consistence with the Nixie tube address that is set by DIP) can set it; .
3. One screen, one speed two second, direct display, four bytes of yellow can be any value but need more than 30h,
4. It is eight characters, because of the screen shows only four numbers, so 4 bytes beforeight bytes can be any byte but also more than 30H, the later four bytes show the car slots, also the screen show the car slots according to the four bytes.
5. The end send 0DH

Basic Specification for TED-7011 Parking Guide System Outdoor LED Display Screen:

Model NO.
Tube Chip Color
IP Rating
Display Function
LED Display Usage
LED Display Display Type
1 Direction
LED Display Dimension
LED Display Display Color
LED Display Voltage
220V ±5%
LED Display Communication Interface

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