MIOT6CI-LED Automatic Parking Entry Terminal price in bd

MIOT6CI-LED Automatic Parking Entry Terminal

This IoT-based device automatically dispenses RFID cards for temporary or guest parkers and displays messages and instructions to drivers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use model ref MIOT6CI-LED

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Introducing our Automatic IoT Parking Entry Card Dispenser Machine, the MIOT6CI-LED IoT-Based Smart Parking Entry Terminal: Your ultimate solution for seamless parking access. This innovative device automates the dispensing of RFID cards for temporary or guest parkers, simplifying the entry process with efficiency and convenience.

Equipped with cutting-edge IoT technology, the MIOT6C offers real-time connectivity and remote management via an IoT Application Server, enabling effortless automatic card issuance and centralized control of parking operations. Its intelligent features ensure seamless integration with parking management systems, enhancing overall efficiency and security.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface featuring red, blue, and green buttons for different types of vehicle card requests, along with an LED display providing messages and instructions to drivers, as well as responses from the IoT server if spaces are unavailable, the MIOT6C guarantees a hassle-free experience for both drivers and parking operators/administrators.

Bid farewell to manual card dispensing and embrace the convenience of automation with the MIOT6C Smart Parking Entry Terminal.

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Features of the MIOT6CI-LED IoT-Based Smart Parking Entry Terminal:

MIOT6C IoT Smart Parking Management System Entry Card Dispenser, This innovative device automates the issuance of parking entry cards, enhancing efficiency and convenience. With IoT connectivity, it offers real-time card issuing and control for seamless parking management.

  • Automatic RFID Card Dispensing: Dispenses RFID cards for temporary or guest parkers, supporting both 125KHz and 13MHz frequencies.

  • Multiple Button Options: Offers buttons for car and bike space requests, allowing users to select their vehicle type for efficient parking allocation.

  • Connectivity Options: Equipped with LAN connectivity for seamless integration with IoT servers and real-time communication.

  • Display Options: Features LED display options, including 7-inch or 10-inch displays, for clear messages and instructions to drivers.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring versatility and durability in any setting.

  • Automatic Card Issuance: Automatically issues cards upon user request, streamlining the parking entry process for convenience.

  • Real-time Response: Connected to IoT servers to request space availability in real-time based on user button presses, ensuring efficient parking allocation.

  • The MIOT6C Smart Parking Entry Terminal combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to enhance parking management efficiency and convenience for both users and administrators.

Technical Specification:

  1. Place of Origin China /Customized in Bangladesh
  2. Type Entry Terminal (Automatic Card Issuer/ Card Dispenser)
  3.  Chassis Model  T6
  4. Brand Name Microtechbd Customized
  5. Model Number T6 /  MIOT6CI-LED 
  6. Warranty 1 Years/2 Years
  7. Product Name IOT6CI-LED Smart Parking System Automatic Entry Card Dispenser Terminal
  8. Material galvanized steel and tempered glass/ tempered acrylic
  9. Card Type IC/RFID Card/Barcode Ticket
  10. Power 80W
  11. Card thickness 0.2mm-1.5mm (adjustable) ((Ex-work setting: 0.8mm)
  12. Operating Voltage DC24V/2A
  13. Input Voltage 110AC/220AC

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