VZ-125A Sliding Door Operator price in bd

VZ-125A Sliding Door Operator

VZ-125 automatic sliding door system is specially designed for light-load automatic glass doors best for office ,shop at very cost effective price for Bangladesh.

Product Price
115000 95000

The price of automatic doors in Bangladesh can vary depending on factors such as the type of door, size, material, and additional features. On average, you can expect the cost of a basic automatic door system to start from around Tk 70,000 to Tk 350,000 for a Automatic door installation. However, prices can increase significantly for larger or more complex installations, high-quality materials, or advanced features such as sensor technology, remote control, or integration with security systems.

The VZ-125 automatic sliding door system is specially designed for light-load automatic glass doors. It is mainly composed of digital microprocessor controller(easy setting, checking and adjusting), and space-saving square motors(open the door to the maximum), and also more optional accessory connection terminals. This type automatic sliding door system is suitable for various kinds of pedestrian automatic glass doors without heavy load. They are widely used in office buildings, banks, restaurants, shops, etc. 

The application occasions of automatic sliding door system (VZ-125)
•Retail and Food Stores
•Government Buildings
•Restored Sites
•Office Buildings
•Hospitals & Other Health Care Facilities
•Retirement Homes
•Independent Living Centers
•Facilities for the Disabled

They are characterized by the following feature characteristics:
** ISO9001&CE certificated
** Modular design, microprocessor intelligent control, easy to install, operate and maintain
** High efficiency and low energy consumption
** Low noise operation
** Microwave motion sensor, ensure safe passage, 10G or 24G optional
** Low carbon design, environment friendly
** With high-class rubber hanger roller, adopt imported roller bearing
** A highly intelligent multi-CPU control system, providing easy adjustable  function and high security performance
** Low noise design (<45db)
** Energy-saving, sound proofing
** When power off, backup batteries could be used to keep the door in normal operation
** Cost effective, wide applications

Technical data of automatic sliding door system (VZ-125) :

Door sliding modesSingle-openingDouble-opening
Door leaf weight?1*125 kg?2*120 kg
Door leaf width600-1200mm500-1150mm
Opening speed150-450mm/s(Adjustable)150-420mm/s(Adjustable)
Closing speed100-420mm/s(Adjustable)100-400mm/s(Adjustable)
Motor24V 55W brushless DC motor
Opening time0-9second(Adjustable)
Impact functionRebounding up on impact
VoltageAC220V  50Hz-60Hz
Operating Temperature-20°C~60°C

For Installation Client Need to Mention the Location for the Installation and the Following.

  • Glass Size For Moveable Part Including glass thickness
  • Fixed glass if needed
  • types of sensor like motion sensor, anti clipping sensor, beam 
  • Need to mention any access system needed with door system
  • any others manual lock
  • door cover.

  • For Complete automatic door at price in Bangladesh

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