M16SL IoT Alarm System Panel price in bd

M16SL IoT Alarm System Panel

Advance IoT GSM alarm system for Bangladesh 16 Wire Zone and 32 Wireless Zone. Alarm Siren and SMS Alert with Mobile Apps for Alarm Monitoring and Notification. Communcation Interface WIFI, LAN ,4G Network, GPRS, GSM

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Introducing our cutting-edge IoT M16SL LAN+GSM 3G alarm system panel for Bangladesh, equipped with LAN, 4G SIM support or PSTN network with Contact id protocols, and seamless integration with mobile apps for comprehensive security management for warehouse, office, home, industrial application. With its advanced technology, this system ensures real-time monitoring and instant alerts via SMS or calls, providing peace of mind wherever you are. Whether you're at home or away, stay connected to your property with remote access through our user-friendly mobile app. The system's compatibility with 4G SIM cards ensures reliable communication, even in areas with limited network coverage. Perfect for homes, offices, or commercial properties, our IoT GSM alarm system offers unparalleled security and convenience. Safeguard your premises with ease and efficiency—choose our advanced alarm system for ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Application Areas:

  • Office
  • Warehouse 
  • Industry
  • Shop
  • Home
  • etc

1. It is easy to operate with 4* 4 keypad and dot matrix LCD display

2. 16 wired zones and 16 wireless zones, Support to multiple and optional zone types

3. Built-in 8 wired zone interfaces in panel. The other 8 wired zones can be increased by developing octuplet zone


4.3 detectors for each wireless zone, 32 wireless detectors maximum can be enrolled

5. Hierarchical code,1 program password, 8 user's passwords. Each user password' authority can be set

6.8 remote controllers maximum can be enrolled. 8 remote controllers' operation authority is separately controlled by

8 user's passwords' operation authority

7. 8 sub zones can be programed independently. And the zone list can be set freely in each sub zone.

GSM Alarm panel.

Brand: Microtech

8. Sub zones can be separately programed to arm/disarm by 8 remote controllers or 8 user's passwords 8. 8

groups of alarm phone maximum can be set. It can give an alarm through PSTN wired network voice and

Contact ID alarming

9. Pre-recorded standard voice is preserved in panel, it will precisely report the alarm information when

10. Program Key is optional it is convenient for user to use program key to program other alarm panel, Copy the

existing program information

11. Arming/disarming/monitoring/propaganda/programing by phone/SMS on off site

12.4 arming/disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends. Different user list can be chosen to


13. Two octuplet relay modules can be connected maximum. Each relay can be set followed event output or

followed zone output.

14. Optional GSM module, dual-network (PSTN wired network + GSM wireless network) is stable and reliable.

When one network fails to connect or communicate with center, it will auto-switch to the other network

15. Support optional GSM module. Built-in industrial quad band GSM module is globally applicable. It can give

an alarm through GSM wireless network voice, SMS & center

16. Communcation Interface WiF/ LAN / TCP/IP / 4G Network.

No Specification Found, Ask for Technical Spec

For Installation Clients Need to Contact us and provide requirements.

As Per Requirements the number of required sensors like motion sensor, door sensor, vibration sensor, seismic sensor , etc with price quotation will be provided.

Depending on the site number of wired and wireless sensors and siren the products configuration can be change .

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