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Automatic Door Microwave Radar Sensor

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Automatic Door Microwave Radar Sensor

Product Description
The Radar Sensor is a microwave sensor which can be mounted on all types of automatic doors, irrespective of the surroundings. The Radar Sensor ONE is a unidirectional motion sensor for standard automatic doors, Automatic Motion Detection Solution Highly Accurate and Reliable of False Detection . Microwave Radar can be used for high mounting up to 5 m is unidirectional motion sensor specially designed for self-monitored escape route doors. Configuration of parameters is flexible and easy via the remote control or push buttons..

Product Specification/Models

Power Supply : AC/DC 12V ~ 24V (Non-polarity)
Relay Contact Capacity : 24V/1A
Operation Temperature : -20~60
Working Distance : 10m Max.
Current Consumption : Standby 37mA / Active 48mA


– Automatic sliding/revolving door for the safety of entering/exciting people
– Automatic door, security window for intrusion alarm, exhibition, industrial and commercial door, Automation Solution Sensor, IOT Sensor

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