Tripod Turnstile – Tripod Barrier

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Product Name Tripod Turnstile
Type Bridge
Size 1200*280*980mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Band RS
Model RS 718


Tripod Turnstiles is a Access Control Barrier Gate Solution use to Control Access Of Human. Where Tripod Turnstiles Make a Barrier System with Three Pcs of Stainless Steel Arm Called the Tripod . The Access Control System Combined with Electro mechanical System to Provide a Sequential Person by Person Access to  a  Zone.

RS718 – Tripod Turnstile (Parameters/ Feature):

  • Item                                 RS – Tripod Turnstile
  • Voltage                            AC  220V/110V± 10%
  • Frequency                      50/60Hz
  • Current                           3A
  • Control  circuit:              DC24V
  • Power  consumption     40W
  • Working  temperature     -20° C~60° C
  • Working  humidity       0~95%RH
  • Protection  grade        IP44
  • Arm  length                480mm
  • Arm  diameter            40mm
  • Arm  length480mm
  • Arm  diameter40mm

Tripod Barrier/Turnstile – (Function and Feature):

  • Special wheel mechanism is used here to realize the function of fixing and also unfixing all the parts of the turnstile
  • All the system runs stable with little noise and no mechanical impact
  • It can self-check and alarm which will be make it convenient to use
  • Several ways of working molds can be chosen at your request
  • It can work bi-direction, or one direction permitted, one forbidden, or one direction charged, one for free, and all the working molds can be set by the buttons in the main control board
  • Beam falling and lifting can be controlled in far distance so to satisfy the special requirement of the users and the request of fire protection
  • Beam can be lifted and fall when Electricity is Cut-Off
  • It has the standard electrical interface which can be connected with various kinds of reader and writer equipment
  • So all the functions can be realized in one integration machine and can be controlled and managed by the computer in the far distance
  • The number of the persons who have passed by can be counted automatically which can also be displayed in LED
  • Directionguide lights are in the turnstile to tell you which direction can go or which cannot
  • You can set the function with or without cardreading memory according to your requirement
  • The number of the persons who can pass by the turnstile can be set to meet the requirement of some special occasions
  • After reading the card, if the person who punched the card does not pass it within the set time, then this chance to access will be canceled, and the set time can be changed according to your request

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