Micro-318F Tripod Turnstile Gate With Face Detection System | MTBD

– Hosing Thickness:2.0mm

– Drive Motor:DC 24V brushed

– Design Size:1200*280*980mm

– Housing Material :304 stianless steel

– Open & Close Time:1s


Micro-318F Tripod Turnstile With Face Detection System

Micro 318F is a Face Detection Access Control Based Tripod Turnstile  gate dedicated to is Introduce for next Generation Barrier System for Elite Client of Bangladesh by MTBD. Its special features are compact, flexible, small, easy to install and use.

Tripod Turnstiles full body made of 304 stainless steel,consist of  three bars,mechanism,electric circuit,electromagnetic,hydraulic damper,led lamp and so on.

Tripod turnstile are space efficient security barriers,with a compact design,yet offer sufficient space to integrate any access control system.they can be mounted teeth display,passage counter,card reader,token operation traffic lights,command console,alarm system against unauthorized entries.The unique dropping arm feature provides a fail safety solution in case of an emergency or power failure. providing egress in case of crisis evacuations. Durability with minimal maintenance means years and millions of trouble free passages.Tripod Turnstile used in efferent applications including stadiums and arenas,perimeter and interior security,recreation and amusement parks,retail crowd control,transit fare collection and lobby access control.

Micro318F Tripod Turnstile Features:

1.Incorporating advanced hydraulic kinetic buffering technology to ensure fast and smooth operation.

2.Equipped with standard input/output signal interface, can be integrated with all types of access control panel, offering complete entrance control solutions.

3.Equipped with LED directional indication / status lights.

4.Equipped with mechanical Fail-Safe mode. In the case of power failure, the Tripod arms can be triggered to drop automatically to ensure unblocked access.

5.The positive action lock also helps in preventing two passage at one time.

6.Anti-Illegal Entry with forced rotation feature which can withstand force of up to 80kg.

7.Unique tripod design ensures safe and reliable operation. Highly durable design ensures life span more than 5 million cycles.

8.When the turnstile arms have rotated for more than 60 degrees, the mechanical override will be activated automatically to prevent tailgating.

9.The emergency button which can ensure unblocked access is available.

Micro-318F Technical Specification:

Model Micro-318F
Name Tripod Turnstile
Material 304 stainless steel
Housing Thickness 2.0 mm
Drive Motor DC 24V brushed
Dimension 1200 * 280 * 980mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Passing Direction Single directional / Bi-directional
Power Supply AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Operation Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption 40 W
Operation Temperature -15 °C – 60 °C
Working Environment Indoor / Outdoor (Shelter)
Flow Rate 35-40 people per minute
LED Indicator    Yes
Communication RS485, TCP/IP
Operation Humidity 0 ~ 95% (No freeze)