Professional GSM Wired Security Alarm System – Micro-2008-W08 | MTBD


Professional Wired Security Alarm System – Micro W-08 Wired Zone Support

Details Description:

  • LCD displays the entire setup menu, user friendly concept to make it easily to setup; Using ICON to display Armed(Away), Partial Armed(At House or Stay), Disarmed, Power status and GSM Signal status; User friendly Icons for LED indicators, Functional Buttons;
  • Supports Away Armed, Partial Armed(At House or Stay) or Disarmed, Schedule Armed and Schedule Disarmed;
  • Supports 08 wired zones(Dry Contact Type), the input can be Normal Close(NC), Normal Open(NO), and End of Line(EOL), the EOL is very useful to avoid the wires disconnection and willful or malicious destruction the detector connections;
  • Supports variety zone attributes, includes Away(normal), At House or Stay, 24 Hours Zone, Watchdog Zone, SOS Zone, ;
  • The attribute of each zone is programmable by LCD Menu; The Zone Name of each zone is programmable by user through Button Menu;
  • Supports Armed delay to give enough time to leave the home, the delay time is programmable by user;
  • Supports Alarm Delay to give enough time to Disarm it when you come back home, the delay time is programmable by user;
  • Equips with 1 Alarm-Link relay output, once alarm occurrence, this relay output will automatically switch on , Until User Reset The Alarm, it is useful to be used as a loudly sound siren or switch on the light or as the digital input for the CCTV;
  • Equips one siren output for sounding while alarm occurrence to warning.
  • Backup battery with low voltage will send SMS to the owner immediately;
  • 12V 1~2Amp DC Input Widely Available in Market.
  • Equips with Tamper switch to protect the unauthorized open the panel;
  • Support Schedule Base Relay Active in Active Function for Special Schedule Operation.


Warranty : 2 Years